Our Process

Our Process

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The key to anything is a great foundation, and with a lawn it starts with the soil. Great turf requires nutrients to thrive and these nutrients are found within the soil. Some nutrients may be there, but they may be locked up due to many factors. Most companies apply, and/or sell a blanket fertilizer with 3 main nutrients – Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potasium. But, what you may not know is that these nutrients may already be in your soil, and applying more fertilizer will be pointless and a waste.

Our products not only contain these nutrients, and more that your lawn may need, but we will “unlock” the nutrients that are already present, if other factors in your soil are preventing plant uptake.

Lawn Cube understands that no one lawn is like any other. Lawn Cube’s founder has been in the lawn care business for over 25 years and understands this more than anyone. Lawn Cube’s experience in lawn care and turf management show through with our service.


We source our products from the leading turf care companies. Lawn Cube’s products are commercial grade, and not found in stores. We custom mix our products specifically for you. .

Lawn Cube knows what a difference starting from the ground up can make, and we want to show you how. Lawn Cube only sends the absolute best products on the market. We only send products used by golf courses and professional turf management companies. Lawn Cube is the only service available that custom mixes fertilizers, and measures for your lawn. You will not get any generic pre-packaged fertilizers, or lawn care products from us. You even receive the absolute best, weed-free seed with our program. Seed is one of the most expensive items to purchase during the lawn care schedule, and its included with your subscription.

Inside each and every cube, Lawn Cube will explain why you are receiving each cube. Everything we send has a purpose. And that purpose is making your lawn look the best as it possibly can.

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