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If you don't know your lawn size, look it up here, or contact us and we will measure it for you.

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What Your First Cube Tells Us

When you sign up, you will receive a pre-paid soil sample cube to be mailed back to us.   From this we can test your soil and this is what you will get.

This soil analysis will tell us everything we need to know to design a fertilizer and weed control plan for your lawn.  We use your soil analysis and create a completely customized lawn care plan uniquely for you.

Every Monthly Cube After

By knowing what your soil, needs, or does not need we will send you products every month that will continue to produce great lawns.

Lawn Cube only uses the best products available on the market.  Every month you will receive a product that has a purpose.  Easily explained, why we are sending each product in your cube, and with easy to follow directions on how to apply each product in your cube.


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Lawn CubeUp to 15,000 square feet