How a Soil Test Will Help Your Lawn

Every Lawn Cube program starts with a soil test.

Getting your soil tested is just like a regular medical visit to your family doctor. You know that it will be the checkup will provide satisfactory reports most of the time; however, any critical matter might be brought to attention by the regular checkup. Therefore, it is crucial. 

A soil test is equally beneficial for your lawn’s soil and the general health of your lawn. You can get your soil tested for significant nutrients, pH level, and other nutrients that contribute to overall soil and grass health 

What Is A Soil Test?

There are different types of soils, and each soil type supports a different kind of lawn. Some soils can be heavy like clay, light like sandy loams, or something between the two extremes.

A routine soil fertility test finds the soil’s pH level, neutralizable acidity, calcium, magnesium, NPK(Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium), organic matter percentage, and cation exchange capacity.

When To Get Your Lawn’s Soil Tested?

You should get your lawn soil tested in the following situations:

  • When you are establishing a new lawn
  • In the case of established lawn, at least every other year
  • Annually for correction of nutrient levels and pH of soil
  • When the potassium and phosphorus fertilizers have been used regularly

Why Is Soil Testing Important For Your Lawn?

Since soil is a precious resource, it should be nourished with care. More than 60% of crop yield of any type is dependent on soil fertility. If you are gardening and maintaining a lawn, you must know how important regular soil testing is. 

Let’s get into the reasons how a soil test will help you in improving your lawn. 

Right Estimation Of Soil Health Condition and Corrective Measures Required

The first and foremost thing you need to know about soil is its fertility and health condition. You can see the form, color, and physical texture of the soil by merely looking at it. But the soil fertility is a combination of physical, chemical, and biological composition. 

How would you know the chemical and biological composition of the soil? 

Soil testing is the way to tell the chemical composition of the soil, pH level, organic matter, and other nutrients. You can take corrective actions only when you know the health condition of the soil. Therefore, soil testing is very critical to your overall lawn condition.  

Better Soil Fertility Management

When you are equipped with the right information about soil health, levels of nutrients, fertilizer requirements, then you are able to provide better soil fertility management for your lawn. Therefore, soil testing is your path toward better and improved soil fertility management. 

The insights you get from the soil testing tell you what quantity of fertilizer to use, which type to use, and much more. In this way, you can improve soil fertility as well as managing  your lawn. So, you must go for regular soil testing of your lawn. 

Reduce Fertilizer Expenses

Soil fertility management is not about putting sacks over sacks of random fertilizers in your soil. Rather, it will only cost you hundreds of dollars for nothing. 

The question is, how can you reduce the fertilizer and concentrate on soil micro biology?

When you have soil test results, you know exactly the proportions of nutrients like calcium, magnesium, potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus already present in your lawn’s soil. This way, you will know which fertilizer to use for your enhancing soil fertility.  And instead of dumping endless amounts of fertilizer on your lawn you can concentrate on enhancing soil microbiology ultimately allowing high nutrient uptake by the lawn.

Efficient Fertilizer Use

Over-fertilization of your lawn is as dangerous for the plants as under-fertilization. When you are just not aware of your soil’s health, you can end up putting unneeded fertilizer on your lawn. 

When you have the right information at the right time about your soil, you can make the optimum use of the information to improve your lawn. 

The routine soil tests reveal information about the chemical composition of the soil. Which depicts that which nutrients are richly present in the soil and which nutrients lack in proportions. 

Therefore, you can save your soil from over-fertilization of un-necessary nutrients and make sure that your soil is getting the right food at the right time.

Determine pH and Nutrient Amounts In Soil

The nutrients and organic matter present in the soil are important, but the soil’s pH level is equally critical to the plantation’s health. With the help of the soil test, you will know if your lawn’s soil is acidic or alkaline. 

The pH level of the soil is critical because different plants are thrive better in soils of different pH. For instance, most of the grasses are likely to grow well in soil that is slightly acidic. Therefore, information about the pH level will help you decide to increase the soil’s acidic nature or alkaline nature.   

Final Words

Lawn management is an art, and to be a master of it, you need to take into all account critical matters related to soil, plants, and water levels. We have made this effort to realize how important soil testing is for your lawn’s overall health. With Lawn Cube everything is based off of a soil test.

Lawn CubeHow a Soil Test Will Help Your Lawn
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