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How Does Your Subscription Work?

Sign up, receive your pre paid soil sample cube and mail it back to us. – In the first box will be a questionnaire about your lawn and your lawn care goals!  We want you to have the best lawn possible.

Relax and wait while our labs analyze your soil. – the soil analysis takes a few weeks to complete.  Once we have it in our hands we start working on your program immediately.

Receive your monthly delivery of top notch lawn products, along with your soil analysis – we will detail what kind of product we ship and why we send it.​

Simply apply the product that we ship to you. It will be measured exactly for your lawn along with simple, easy to follow directions.  No measuring products, no guessing on what your lawn needs.  We do it for you! Simple, customized lawn care.

Your Lawn Starts From The Ground Up

  • Great Lawns are made from great soil.
  • Lawn Cube will send you a postage paid soil analysis cube so we can find out exactly what your soil needs, and does not need.
  • Everything you put on your lawn will be customized and measured, exactly for your lawn. You will not have to measure or think about a thing!

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What You Receive

We Make it EASY!!!

Your first Cube will contain a pre-paid cube to be sent back to us with a sample of your soil.

Each month Lawn Cube will send product specifically designed and measured for you lawn, based on your soil test, the time of year, and the size of your lawn.

Sample Program

Lawn Cube uses only commercial grade professional products that you cannot find in stores. You will receive the same products that golf courses, commercial lawn care companies, and turf management specialists use

Products You Receive

How It Works

      • By taking a sample of your soil, Lawn Cube will know exactly what your soil needs to encourage and maintain lawn development.
      • Lawn Cube will take the guesswork of what nutrients, and elements to apply to your lawn, and when to apply them.
      • Everything is pre measured, custom mixed, and delivered straight to your door each and every month.
      • All you need to do is apply the entire product evenly over your lawn each month.
      • We try to anticipate what your lawn will need, but, If any concerns ever arise, with a certain weed, fungus, nutsedge or problem area, simply contact us and we will get you exactly what your lawn needs.

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Why Choose Lawn Cube

Over 25 Years of Experience

Lawn Cube understands lawn care inside and out. Lawn care is our passion and we know what it takes to establish and maintain wonderful looking lawns.

Completely Customized

Every Lawn Cube is created specifically for your lawn based on your soil test. We mix the fertilizer and soil amendment products based on what your soil needs.

Licensed and Certified

Every Lawn Cube plan is created by a licensed and certified commercial fertilizer applicator by the Department of Agriculture.

Best Products

Lawn Cube only uses the best professional grade products, that you cannot find in stores. Everything we send to you is top of the line, quality, lawn care products.

Customer Service

We are available and happy to help. Call us or e-mail us if you ever have any questions about your lawn. We love discussing all things lawn care.

Simple and Easy

Each and every Lawn Cube will contain exactly what you need. We will measure everything, so all you need to do is apply what is in the cube, eveny over your lawn.

Lawn CubeLawn Cube – DIY Lawn Care Delivered